100%bigtits rules

  1. This channel, much like all of IRC, is NOT a democracy or an anarchist commune. It simply can't be run without a hierarchy- without rules, channels fall apart pretty quickly. While we ops love suggestions from other users, we get the final say in what goes and what doesn't. If you can't handle that fact of life, please stay off the channel.
  2. ll the rules in this list can be enforced by your being kicked, banned, and/or reported to IRCops and your ISP. While the ops generally will warn you before kicking or banning you, they don't have to, and sometimes won't. If you remember nothing else from these rules, please remember that ops provide a valuable service for free, and that annoying them will get you kicked or banned from the channel.
  3. Please be over 18 - and if you state at ANY time that you are under 18, you WILL be removed from the channel.
  4. The Don't message someone without asking rule has been repealed as of Dec. 14, 2003. Ops will no longer kick for this, as it is not an offense any more. If you are being bothered, put the messager on ignore. If you need a msgignore add-on script for mIRC, you can download it from this website.. This zip file contains installation instructions. No complaining about messages or attacking people for it - this is MIRC - a CHAT program, and messages are part of that - if you do not wish to be messaged, then please get our script which lets you choose who messages you - if you dont want the script, then please deal with the messages on your own and simply put the offenders on ignore. DO NOT complain about them in channel! IF any message you recieve happens to be in any way rude, please give the log to an op.
  5. NO SPAMMING. Bots will be kicked on sight. You can mention websites and other channels if they're actually relevant to a conversation, but the channel's not your free advertising network.
  6. NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. This is not a channel for distributing; warez, copyrighted music, videos, kiddie porn, or anything else that violate the Undernet Acceptable Use Policy or United States law.
  7. Channel flooding (e.g., the channel with repeated lines of text or excessive cut and paste lines) will not be tolerated.
  8. Harassment of other users will not be tolerated. Remember, No means no.
  9. Please, no clones without express permission from the ops.
  10. Please stay out of sex channels involving illegal and/or disgusting sex acts, including, but not limited to: rape, child, family, animal and/or toilet sex, while you are on the channel. Also, no teen channels while you are in channel. Even if you're 18 or 19, we feel that your being on such channels will give younger teenagers the idea that they''re allowed on the channel We don't care what you do when you're not on here, but please don't link those channels to us.
  11. DETAILED EXPLICIT RAUNCHY Sceneing and/or Cybering will not be tolerated! Some have found it offensive and rude, yet others enjoy it. It is at the discretion of the ops when the line between flirtatious and offensive has been crossed. Such conversation must be taken in private when asked by an op, otherwise offenders may be kicked and/or banned.The rule against Scening and Cybering in the channel has been repealed as 11-4-2004.
  12. Offensive nicks NOT ALLOWED! If you are asked to change your offensive nick and do not comply, you will be kicked and/or banned.
  13. We have added the trivia bot for the enjoyment of the people in channel, and to help stimulate activity and talk.. some people may find the bot annoying, and those that do are encouraged to ignore the bot... if the bot is activated, it is NOT to be deactivated until EVERYONE is finished playing.. those that try to deactivate the bot while game is being played will be given a warning, and then kicked/banned. We cant please everyone, and it DOES help!
  14. Posting pic links in the channel are OK, but no fserv's allowed!