Add Trivia Question to the Bot

Now, we have an easier way to get the needed questions into the bot. We currently need sex-related trivia


Download the template in the format of your choice. For each question, you MUST fill the Question and Answer columns. You SHOULD fill in the Regexp if the answer can take multiple format (like nine/9, aether/ether, John F Kennedy/John Kennedy, color/colour and so forth). If you are not familiar with the syntax of (extended) regular expressions, you can read this tutorial. If you want to be credited for you question, you MAY fill in your IRC nick in the Author column. You MAY fill in "Category" if you like. You MUST NOT fill in any of the other columns, but MUST NOT delete them either. Just leave them BLANK - they exist for internal/future purposes.

All questions and answers must be in American English (you may provide alternate answers in the Regexp column in British English, if desired),

When you've completed the template, save it either as a OpenDocument spreadsheet, or as an ASCII-encoded CSV file; avoid Excel format if possible.


If you do not have a compatible spreadsheet application, you may download for free. Mac OS X users may want NeoOffice instead (also free).

If you are having trouble downloading the files, right click and choose "Save Link As" (Firefox) or "Save Target As" (IE)